Donation to Houston Methodist Hospital

As a Part to join this fight against COVID-19, we provided some medical equipment to Houston Methodist Hospital with other Chinese American Organizations.

(Resource from KTRK/ABC 13)

Try our best to contribute to our society

Today we prepared over 30,000 masks, 1,000 protective suits and some other necessaries, as an appreciation to every medical staff who’s fighting in the battlefield with COVID-19. We do believe that “Together, we will win”. We hope the whole society will get recover soon as before. For this only goal holding in our hands, Advanced HealthCare Professionals will do whatever we could, to rebuild our homeland better then.

The Captain of Sugarland city, TX, Joe Zimmerman, also join us today. And he said, Asian Community, as a very important part of the whole society, is always playing a big role of our country. He thanked everyone that brought all these supplies, and showed the love during this critical moments. “With everyone’s determination, there’s nothing could stop us moving forward. It is tough, however, it will end by us!”

United, We Stand! Together, We are Stronger! Together, We Will Win!


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