Tips for Staying Sober During the Holidays

Think about going to counseling or family therapy to help with that and to deal with other personal issues. For some, it’s best to completely avoid tempting situations, as people in early recovery are often more vulnerable than people who have been sober for several years. As a newcomer, you may not have replaced your old habits yet, making it that much more difficult to resist temptation. Moving on from rehab can be a very exciting time, but it may also bring up new challenges when learning how to navigate a brand new, sober lifestyle.

Why can’t I stay sober?

It is probably because you have developed a diagnosable substance use disorder — one that will need to be professionally addressed in a designated addiction treatment center. Coming to terms with a substance use disorder can be extremely difficult, partially because addiction and denial often go hand-in-hand.

Consider signing up for a gym, starting a new running regimen, or starting a new sport. This could include tennis, intramural sports, group sports, kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing, hiking, weightlifting, CrossFit, or anything in-between. Vacation can be a memorable experience while sober. When vacationing, travel with people who support your sobriety and who will look out for your best interests. There is so much to see and enjoy without drugs or alcohol.

Recovery Advocacy

The move from a supported environment back to normal living can be a tough transition. Upon leaving rehab, you may find yourself put in trigger situations, or situations that spark the thought of reverting back to old habits. Things like returning to your old neighborhood, seeing old friends or family members, and even certain emotions may tempt you to go back to using or drinking.

There are, however, a number of ways that could help a person in staying away from drugs or alcohol and maintain sobriety. Maybe it’s easier to go to the holiday dinner, rather than make waves by turning down the invite. In this case, put things into place to make the situation as easy as possible. One newly recovering alcoholic wrote AA slogans on index cards and kept them in her purse. When she needed a break, she locked the bathroom door and took five minutes to get quiet and read a slogan. Make a new holiday tradition by scheduling a massage for the day after.

Seek Support

Early recovery is difficult, and these difficulties may stifle your happiness. As you remain sober for longer, though, living the sober life gets better and better. Some people use spending money as a way of not experiencing difficult thoughts and feelings. The end result is that they are frequently in dire financial situations. In sobriety, it is better to face things head on. If you have a problem with spending money, look at why it might be and seek to address the root causes.

For someone in recovery sobriety often means lifelong abstinence. While lifelong abstinence is easier said than done, taking the proper steps can go a long way on the road to recovery. This includes finding ways to prevent or limit any relapses. The best way forward for your recovery from alcohol or substance use is to incorporate a wide variety of strategies that will help foster success.

“I Can’t Even Make It Sober One Day”- How to Stay Sober?

Returning back to your old stomping grounds is one of the fastest ways to relapse. You need to get out of your old space, routine and mindset. One of the most efficient ways to do that is simply by moving.

What happens 1 year sober?

After one year sober, you feel much more confident. You've survived a deadly disease and successfully accomplished one of the most courageous feats you'll ever face. You have a new sense of inner strength, and you feel free from the shackles of addiction. That is a great way to build up your self-confidence.

Remember these 10 tips for staying sober to help you in your recovery journey. Recovery can become much easier when you live an organized lifestyle. You can start by setting up daily and weekly routines and making sure you follow them. In addition, you can set goals for yourself that could be daily or future goals.

How to Identify a Drug Overdose

Get help today so you can enjoy a fulfilling, meaningful, sober lifestyle. Substance abuse causes a chemical imbalance in the brain, and over time, this affects a person’s behavior and cognitive functions. Even when a person has completed rehabilitation, many still suffer from the lingering effects of having used substances with mind and mood-altering properties. It is not uncommon for mental or emotional issues, or both, to come up during the recovery period. This is why it is important to ensure that a person’s mental and emotional health is taken care of at all times if one wishes to maintain sobriety.

A mistake is not a relapse, and it’s not going to land you in rehab, but those secrets might. Remember, the disease of addiction is as powerful the day after a holiday as it is the day of and the day before. As we learn during addiction rehab and in the meeting rooms, recovery is a one-day-at-a-time endeavor, no matter the season. Finally, if you’ve tried self-help strategies and find yourself not able to fully quit drinking, it may be time to seek professional help. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to stopping alcohol use and treating alcohol misuse, but no matter how severe the issue may seem, recovery is possible for every person.

Guilt is having negative feelings about your past behavior. People in recovery can experience a lot of shame simply for having become addicted in the first place. Once you do return to work, it’s important to create a budget and take steps to safeguard yourself as work stress can be a relapse trigger.

tips to stay sober

Lift weights, run the treadmill, or utilize the pool to swim laps. Similar to getting a new job, another way you can fill your time is volunteering. Animal shelters, aquariums, homeless shelters or even AA meetings. There are plenty of altruistic organizations that are looking for volunteers. Put your time to good use and do something you feel passionate about. When you feel the pull of alcohol, stop and check in with what that feels like.

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These are just a few of the many different hobbies that you might enjoy in your recovery. Here at Better Tomorrow, we help our clients to find activities and hobbies they are passionate about. That way, it can help them to prevent stay sober now and later in their recovery lifestyle.

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